Cloud Adoption & Risk in Healthcare Q2 2015

As technology transforms healthcare, the sensitivity of personal health information (PHI) has not changed. Based on anonymized data from over 1.6 million healthcare employees, this is the definitive guide that reveals the scope of cloud usage and risks for healthcare organizations. Download the report to learn:

  • Average healthcare organization uses 928 cloud services and uploads 6.8 TB to the cloud each month
  • Insider threats are underestimated - 33% of healthcare companies reported an insider threat but 79% show behavior indicative of insider threat
  • 89.2% of healthcare organizations have employees with compromised login credentials, and 14.4% of all healthcare workers are exposed
  • The top 20 enterprise cloud services, top 20 consumer cloud services, and top cloud services facilitating business partner connections in use at healthcare companies
Cloud Adoption & Risk in Healthcare Q2 2015