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Our new line of endpoint protection products swiftly detect, prevent, and correct advanced threats

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Outmaneuver attacks through advanced, consolidated endpoint defense

Our new endpoint protection technologies emphasize integration, automation, and orchestration as the foundation of the threat defense lifecycle. Harnessing the power of machine learning to detect zero-day threats in near real time, we make it easier to quickly find and remediate advanced attacks so productivity isn’t compromised.

It’s not unusual for security teams, after years of bolting endpoint security point products together, to manage an average of ten different agents and five different consoles—with little to no integration or automation. With McAfee Endpoint Security and our new McAfee MVISION offerings, we have re-imagined our approach to endpoint security to provide a consolidated platform for endpoint defense that enables simpler investigations and one-click correction. Our products now integrate with Windows Defender and extend threat protection to Android and iOS devices. Through a single agent architecture with deep integration and automation, we remove silos between once-isolated capabilities to enhance efficiency and protection. McAfee endpoint security products combine established capabilities such as firewall, reputation, and heuristics with cutting-edge machine learning and containment, along with endpoint detection and response into a single platform agent, with a single management console. The resulting integrated protection keeps users productive and connected while stopping zero-day malware, like ransomware, before it can infect the first endpoint.


How Machine Learning Is Changing the Game

Better threat information, new levels of automation and efficiency, and wider visibility into threats and attackers help raise your security team to the next level.

Recipient of the 2017 Global Endpoint Security Growth Excellence Leadership Award
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McAfee Endpoint Security is a top corporate endpoint protection product.
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Endpoint protection products

Today’s advanced attacks require more than traditional antivirus defenses. Our enterprise endpoint security offerings are centrally managed and defend against the full threat spectrum from zero-day exploits to advanced targeted attacks, protecting Windows, Macs, and Linux systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

McAfee MVISION Endpoint

McAfee MVISION Endpoint provides enhanced threat detection and correction capabilities to augment basic native security controls in Microsoft Windows 10.

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McAfee MVISION Mobile

Get on-device threat detection and protection for iOS and Android mobile devices. McAfee MVISION Mobile protects against application and network threats, using machine learning algorithms to help identify malicious behavior.

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McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security delivers centrally managed defenses with integrated capabilities like endpoint detection and response and machine learning analysis. Protect your Windows, Mac, and Linux systems with multiple, collaborative defenses and automated responses.

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McAfee is thinking differently about EDR. McAfee MVISION EDR expands McAfee Active Response capabilities and enable all analysts to do more.

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McAfee Embedded Control

Block unauthorized applications and changes on fixed-function and internet of things (IoT) devices. McAfee Embedded Control provides whitelisting and file integrity monitoring technology to combat targeted malware, unauthorized software and configuration changes.

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Five Ways to Rethink Your Endpoint Protection Strategy

Learn endpoint security strategies that can help your organization thrive in today's cybersecurity landscape.

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Solution Brief

Business Resilience Requires a Defensive High Ground

Learn more about the McAfee approach to device security and how we extend control to third-party and OS-native security through a single management console.

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Technical Brief

McAfee MVISION Endpoint and MVISION ePO

Get a technical overview of two McAfee MVISION solutions.

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